Selected Projects

BabyGroot© Soft-Robot

Soft Puppets Animation

A reaaaallly fun project where we have built soft puppets made of silicone rubber and actuated with cables or pressure. Digital simulation of these puppets was used to control them interactively using inverse kinematics principle and interaction devices such as the leap motion© device.
Soft Parallel Robot

Visual Servoing

In order to increase the control accuracy of soft robots, we have worked on servoing where IR cameras track the deformation of a soft robot and this visual feedback is used by our digital model. Even on dynamic scenarios, precision and accuracy are increased even when visual feedback is temporarily lost.
Neuro-surgical Simulation

Surgical Simulation

I have been working on applying interactive simulation and mechanical modeling to medical applications for almost ten years. The latest simulator built in our team is a bi-manual Neuro-surgical simulator that helps interns and surgeons to train and rehearse on patient-specific simulations.